Summer at Inchyra and a new collection is born

It's full on at Inchyra by this time of year.  With a wedding in the Byre each weekend and Arts Club shows often on during the week, the team are foot to the floor.  Add into that the fact that the grass seems to be growing about 4" a day and we're definitely motoring on all cylinders!

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We've got a fabulous team on the events side now though and they have things very much under control which means that I can then concentrate on Inchyra textiles.  To that end I'm now working on the final chapters that will bring our new designs and first full collection to market in September.  'Balazuc', named after a beautiful medieval village on the Ardeche river in France that we know and love, is a collection of five patterns, each printed on both an ivory and a natural base cloth. It's the first time that I've produced more than one pattern at a time and it's been very exciting to see my ideas for these fabrics come to life. 

Inchyra Designs Balazuc Collection

The collection is based on two small scraps of French cotton print that date from the late 1800s. The look and feel of the final linens are far removed from the original document and I think that's what I love most about our fabrics - that while we take the bones of something that exists, we increasingly create something completely new with a definite Inchyra character.  That was I think why the Warner Textile Archive were keen last year to have our All Saints linen added to the archive alongside the original Warner's document that inspired it, because the Inchyra linen is a very different beast - theirs formal and opulent and ours relaxed and rustic. 

Inchyra Designs Balazuc Collection linens

Preview samples of Balazuc went out to magazines last week and the reaction has been amazing - it totally exceeded expectations and I'm incredibly heartened at the reception it received from editors and stylists alike.  The collection will be available to buy from September but we'll be taking pre-orders before then and the designs should be on our website by mid-August with samples available then.  Nothing like a deadline!

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